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Thanksgiving Weekend Scheduling Update
THANKSGIVING BREAK - THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23 THROUGH SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 26 We wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!
High School Counseling
For the most up to date information follow me on Twitter: GLHS_CounselináAND join my Schoology group: GLHS Counseling Announcements with the codeáM844T-8Z35V



Counseling Announcements
Please join my Schoology group: GLHS Counseling Announcements
This may be easier to access important information if you plan to log into Schoology regularly to see your student's grades. If you need a code to join, that code is ​M844T-8Z35V
OK2SAY - Prevent tragedy before it strikes
OK2SAY is a new confidential tip service for students to report potential harm or criminal activities involving students or school employees. OK2SAY's focus is on early intervention and prevention of school tragedies. Anyone including students are able to submit tips 24/7 by the following:

Telephone- 1-855-565-2729
Text- OK2SAY or 652729

Math tutoring with Mr. Poertner
Mr. Poertner (a retired math teacher) volunteers his time to assist students with math every Tuesday from 3:10-4:10 PM in the high school office! If your student needs help, this is a free service and should be taken advantage of!

**If you need tutoring in another subject, please see the tutoring folder at the bottom of this page.
Accept Rachel's Challenge
Remember Rachel's Challenge and follow these 5 easy steps in your daily life:
1. Eliminate Prejudice- Look for the best in everyone!
2. Dare to Dream- Set goals and keep a journal
3. Choose Positive Influences- input determines output
4. Kind Words- Spread little acts of kindness
5. Start a Chain Reaction!
Grass Lake High School Transcripts Now Easy to Access
Applying to college, transferring to another school, or confirming your education for employers is hard enough. So we've made it easy to send your official High School transcript to any college or organization. Now you can make a request through and they obtain approval from Grass Lake High School, format your information, confirm that the transcript was sent using postal mail or secure electronic delivery and, for institutions that accept electronic records, provide verification that your transcript arrived.
Local Educators Against Drugs

Maybe you've noticed a change in your child's school performance, or his appearance or choice of friends. Perhaps they are more withdrawn or depressed, no longer interested in favorite activities. Your child may even be more aggressive, hostile to you or other members of the family. While there certainly could be another explanation, these are some of the same characteristics which often indicate drug or alcohol use.  Call the parent help line at 1-800-284-5444.

This is precisely why the L.E.A.D. program was created. Through local educators, L.E.A.D. gives parents the necessary tools to confirm their suspicions in the privacy and security of the home and directs them to appropriate resources if alcohol or drug use is discovered. Easy-to-use test kits that give almost instantaneous results are available for a nominal fee. Whether the problem is drugs or alcohol, one simple urine or saliva test provides accurate results within three to eight minutes. The L.E.A.D. tests can also reduce peer pressure by providing kids with an "out" ("I can't because I might get tested.")

Michigan Health Plan now covers services for ADHD

ATTENTION: Health Plan of Michigan has now agreed to pay for all services provided by Solutions 2 Wellbeing as they relate to ADHD. Please keep in mind that there does not need to be a diagnosis of ADHD for parents to be part of the parenting group. Any parent of an intense child or any one that wants to be a more effective parent will benefit. 

Health Plan of Michigan has agreed to pay for the following services that will help your ADHD students:

*Initial ADHD Assessments
*TOVA Assessments
*Conners 3
*Individual Therapy
*Family Therapy
*Parenting Group â€" (Based on the Nurtured Heart Approach; teaches new and effective parenting skills. The Nurtured Heart Parenting Approach is by far the most effective and best intervention that I have ever experienced when working with intense children and their families.) Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Debra Kruse
Director of Marketing
Solutions 2 Wellbeing
517-787-WISH (9474)

New procedure for ensuring that credit recovery classes meet standards
With the new Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements and considering the multitude of summer opportunities to take classes, it is important that any credit recovery classes enrolled in must meet Michigan Department of Education standards to allow for credit recovery. If you are in need of recovering credits and want to avoid any wasted credits, time, and money follow the steps below:

1. Meet with Ms. Sitarz to determine if credit recovery is necessary.
2. If you have determined that credit recovery classes are needed, fill out a Credit Recovery Authorization Form and turn it in to Mr. Thompson where it will be evaluated to be sure the desired class meets standards.
3. The class will be authorized (with signature) to replace the failed Grass Lake class and the completed, signed form will be returned to the student or parent.
4. The parent or the student is then responsible for returning the completed form to Mr. Thompson signed by the authorizing personnel giving the final grade for the class

Click here to print a form, or forms are available in the High School office.

Counseling Contacts
+ King, Kimberly
Click on name to see details.
Counseling Files
 College Planning
College planning documents
 High School
Senior reminders, ACT prep, etc.
Miscellaneous information
A list of National Honor Society students available for tutoring.

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